Study estimates exposure to air pollution increases COVID-19 deaths by 15% worldwide; nature may provide a remedy.

Key Points

  • Poor air quality has been linked to increases in COVID-19 death rates
  • Trees have been shown to materially improve air quality; a significant correlation between NatureScores™ and the Air Quality Index by monitor…


Key Points

  • Research has consistently shown that urban properties near green space demand price premiums
  • Specifically, researchers have observed an average premium of 8–10% on property values abutting or fronting a passive park in urban environments
  • The premium declines to negligible amounts for properties over 500 feet from the green space

Property Value Impact


Neuroimaging Provides Insights on the Relationships Between Greenspace and Mental Health.

Key Points

  • According to new research published in the journal NeuroImage, viewing greenspace (as opposed to an urban landscape) elicits substantial activity in key areas of the brain related to attention and stress regulation.
  • While time spent in a natural setting…

Many trees are burning throughout the West. Can nature help combat the resulting air pollution?

Key Points

  • Trees can act as both the “lungs” of a city (by providing oxygen) and the “liver” (by filtering particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide).
  • Ironically, as major fires rage throughout the forests of the…

How does a Community Value Nature?

Key Points

  • Homes and commercial properties near urban green spaces consistently demand price premiums.
  • Economists are undertaking the difficult task of valuing the indirect and intangible benefits of green spaces, like improvements to eco-system, beauty, and psychological well-being.

Urban Nature and the Question of Value

Valuation is crucial in our society. What society…

The science is clear: If you want to live longer, surround yourself with nature.

Key Points

  • The science is clear: If you want to live longer, surround yourself with nature.
  • A new and powerful tool allows users to quickly determine the relative amount of nature around their location: a NatureScore™.
  • NatureQuant’s proprietary…


Delivering Technology to Assess and Promote Nature Exposure:

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